Why do we give?

Why do we give? Why do we go?

I’m back home now and reflecting on my recent trip to Cambodia with a team from Toronto. A few thoughts are going through my mind, questions actually… Why do we give? And, why do we go?

Why Give?

We were a team of 12, including me. That’s a lot of airfare, local transportation, food and accommodations.

A question always gets asked: “Is it better to just send the money?”

Good question! My answer is sometimes, but not always. I guess to really answer the question we have to look at the overall impact. This includes both for those on the team and for those receiving the team.

Why Give 2

Take a look at the two young men in the picture above. They were really hands-on. Laying brink and mixing cement right alongside our construction team. In Cambodia this might be seen as common labor but I can tell you having these 2 guys work with our Cambodian team affirmed who they are and what they do. I watched something special unfold. Not to mention that these two guys traveled with their father and uncle and their grandfather. That’s special. Three generations.

We need to inspire people to be a part of what God is doing around the world. Sometimes that means people need to go and see it firsthand. We need to stand alongside those who are working on the front lines of church planting, leadership training and great community development. It’s a blessing to them!

We need to be inspired by a cause greater than ourselves, something that will be contagious to those around us. That cause is pretty clear to me. I see it in the eyes of those we serve. It’s worth the investment.

Why Give 3

We are told to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.”

That does mean that some must go. Some longer term, some shorter. Others give generously to make it all happen. Many do both. Here’s what I do know: Being a part of what God is doing changes our lives and the lives of those around us.

This is what our team in Northern Cambodia has accomplished over the last 6 months.

  • 108 farmers trained in intensive farming techniques
  • 30 church leaders trained in three sessions
  • 30 people have become followers of Christ in 3 new house church plants
  • AOC convened one of the largest gatherings of church leaders in Northern Cambodia in December 2015
  • Increasing the capacity of our Cambodian staff with English classes with staff weekly

Your partnership and support makes this all possible. As we join hands, we will continue to see communities across the region receive the help they need to thrive, and a message of hope to heal their hearts. We share a message that restores HOPE and DIGNITY, as we are truly made in His image.

Would you consider a special gift to support this amazing work? A gift or $25, $50 or $100 helps brings clean water, education, skills training and hope to families at risk. Thank you for your ongoing partnership with us.