Story of Change: Sima

Sima’s Story

Sima started coming to our community preschool in 2014. He is  raised by his 70-year-old grandmother, Ms. Lont. Little Sima is very smart, brave and obedient and loves to play with blocks. His parents left him in his grandmother’s care when he was a baby.

Lont and Sima
Lont and grandson Sima

Sima is one of four other young grandchildren living with Lont. She works very hard as a tailor to provide for her five grandchildren. She often repairs people’s old clothes to support her family and makes most of the children’s clothes. Due to high living costs, her 15-year-old granddaughter left school to work in the garment factory in Phnom Penh.

After witnessing the family and their financial condition, Asian Outreach Cambodia’s Assisting Children to School (ACTS) project supports two of the older children so that they can attend the state school this year. During home visits, the team noticed that Sima had a cut in in his upper thigh area that became badly swollen and infected. The team encouraged the grandmother to bring him to a children’s hospital. At first, the grandmother was very hesitant since there was no adult at home to look after the other grandchildren. After much support and encouragement, Lont agreed to take Sima to the children’s hospital.

After examining the cut, the doctor said it was almost too late as the infection was severe. AO staff was able to support the family both at the hospital and at home during his hospital stay. After two operations and ten days in the hospital, Sima was sent home good as new.

Stories like Sima’s aren’t unusual – it’s through the support, and generosity of donors and prayer warriors, that we are able to act as a source of support and encouragement. Join us on our journey to transform the communities we serve!