Story of Change: Rachhan’s Story

Impacting the Lives of Children

I think we all ask ourselves, does what we do or give really make a difference? When the support you give goes so far away, it can seem hand-off and out of reach. So, I’d like to bring this a little closer to home for you. I’d like you to meet Rachhan. Here’s a bit of his story…

Rachhan, one of Cambodia's Children
Rachhan, one of Cambodia’s Children

Rachhan, a seven-year-old boy from the village of Tameng, is currently studying Grade One at Hun Sen Primary School. If it weren’t for Asian Outreach’s ACTS program, this might not have been possible. Without the necessary skills and opportunities to earn a living in rural Cambodia, many Cambodians find themselves desperate to provide for their families. This often leads them away from their homes—sometimes as far as countries like Thailand—with hope of landing a secure job.

Six years ago, Rachhan’s father found himself in this very position after being convinced to accept a job in Thailand that would earn him “a lot of money.” However, instead of finding this dream job in Thailand, Rachhan’s father was cheated and sold to be a slave on a sea fishing ship.

It took Rachhan’s father three years before he was able to escape and get back home to his family. Coming home without the money that Rachhan’s father had been promised, Rachhan’s mother left her family. The public shame and humiliation that Rachhan’s father felt led him to hide from his community and take his frustrations out on his two children.

“How do I feed them? What becomes of their future?” He remembers thinking at the time. To make things worse, the roof of their home was full of holes, which made living difficult during Cambodia’s rainy season.

Just when hope was at its lowest for Rachhan’s father, Rachhan was selected to benefit from Asian Outreach’s ACTS program. During the following academic year, Rachhan received two sets of school uniforms and supplies. He has shown an inspiring level of commitment to his studies from the start.

Since Rachhan has started school, his father has received training on children’s rights and domestic violence. He is filled with hope for his own future and his children’s future. He has mended relationships within his community and his family.

“Education is a ferry of life for his children”, he said, “In free time I always help Rachhan with reading books. Thanks for ACTs project continues to support my children.” Rachhan aspires to become a doctor. Kids deserve the chance to dream.

Here’s how you can help!

For only $9 a month or $110 a year, you can provide a child with everything they need to attend school. That includes uniforms, flip flops, books, pencils and tuition fees

Help us provide a family like Rachhan’s with training to start a small business or improve their farm and a loan to make make it happen. All it takes is $57 a month or $690 a year. These families are looking for a way out, a helping hand. We can give them the opportunity they need!