Stories of Change: Banyan and Peak

Stories of Change: Banyan and Peak

So many of you have followed the journey Marnie and I have had with our team in the village of Prek Ho, Cambodia. It’s the village with the preschool that we’ve shared so much about over the past three years. Because of your support, AO Cambodia has also been helping older children to attend public school. It’s always been about giving these kids the opportunity to dream and grow.

Well, it’s already happening!

Please meet Banyan and Peak


We were out in Prek Ho to hand out the school kits to over 40 children who are sponsored in this village. Some were graduating from preschool and will start into the government school. Others were moving to the next grade.

But, as the ceremony started with parents, local leaders and the principal attending, I looked over to see that it was two of our kids behind the mic leading the ceremony! This was one of those moments. I can’t tell you how amazing I felt at that moment. We are so proud of these kids. We are so proud of the work Naroth, Thida and the team are doing. The investment is shown in these kids’ lives.

Banyan and Peak are now being trained to be leaders in the program. How cool is that?

Banyan is 13 and has three siblings. He’s in Grade 9 and loves math. He wants to be a teacher. Banyan would really like to have a job that allows him to help support his family. He really loves going to school and it shows.

Peak is also 13 and her name means “diamond.” You should have seen her smile when I told her she really was a diamond. Peak loves physics best and really doesn’t like math that much. She wants to eventually be a doctor. She has 6 brother and sisters.

I really do believe their lives are being changed by the investment of our team. It begs the question, where would they be if we weren’t there? But we are, and they now have a chance to dream.

Faith in action, changes lives!

Thanks for all your support and encouragement – you are part of Banyan and Peak’s story too.