Community Development



Like Skills Values Education

This project was created to assist Mongolian children in developing good character.  It also helps to strengthen families through building understanding of good values in children.  It also helps to benefit the wider Mongolian society through developing a generation of good citizens who will contribute to the development of their country and the establishment of a functioning and prosperous society.  This project also allows us to supplement the Mongolian national education curriculum through providing ethics education.

School Social Worker Professional Development

This project benefits children by increasing the capacity and expertise of social workers in the education sector. Most Mongolian schools have social workers, but they are currently under qualified and under skilled. The majority of their working time is diverted away from the children under their care and into administrative duties. This professional development project helps school social workers up skill in order to have a greater impact in the lives of the children they are responsible for. This project also educates school workers, parents, teachers, and the children themselves as to the role and responsibilities of a school social worker.