Progress in Mongolia

Mongolia • First Quarter Report

Making Progress in Mongolia

Each quarter, we release a report detailing our accomplishments and needs. The First Quarter report for 2016 is now available, click here to read the full report. Here’s a brief summary of our programmes:

Update: Great Commission Institute

Genesis-AOM is looking for partners to strengthen and expand our ministry to Grade 5 children currently running in Nalaikh and some schools in Ulaanbaatar.  We are limited in the amount of time that our staff can actually interact with the children in the programme and would love to see local churches engaging these children and their families, building on the foundation that is laid during the classroom and clubhouse sessions. Local churches are able to be on the spot for children and families in their areas and be a stable long-term source of discipleship.

Update: School Social Worker Professional Development

In April 2016, Genesis-AOM, in conjunction with the Municipal Education Department, hosted stage two of our school social worker professional development training, entitled “Environment, Skills, Results”.  The training took place over two days and was attended by 60 school social workers from 52 schools throughout Ulaanbaata.

Update: Lifeskills Values Education

In the 2015 – 2016 school year, our LifeSkills Values programme impacted the lives of 1,034 children. We’ve received requests from 36 school social workers expressing their need to have the programme in their school. Our goal is to reach 7,000 children in three years. For $48 USD, one child can receive Values Education lessons and activities for 6 months.

During February and March of 2016 the Good Child project has been running both in the clubhouse and in classrooms in Nalaikh Duureg’s Tsogtsolbor School, Chandmani School, School 109, School 119, Erdmiin Orgil School and other public schools, with a total of 1461 Grade 5 children participating in the project.  Each week a character lesson is taught in the classroom and a monthly activity in the clubhouse reinforces the lessons taught in the classroom.  There are 732 Grade 5 students in Nalaikh town, divided into 23 teams, so it is only possible for each class to meet in the clubhouse once a month. 

Update: Winter Kits

In late November and early December 2015 a total of 205 Winter Kits were distributed to disadvantaged children in Nalaikh town and in the slum areas of Ulaanbaatar city.  Chi Children to receive these kits were elected in consultation with school officials and local authorities.  All the children were school pupils at risk of dropping out of school during the harsh winter due to a lack of suitable clothing to wear outside.  Genesis staff prepared a kit for each child, ensuring that jackets and boots of the appropriate size ere purchased. 

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