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Introducing the TTC

Introducing the Transformational Training Centre (TTC)Blog TTC Info

We are continuously working to develop various strategies that will help provide the communities we serve with the knowledge and resources to earn an income, feed their families, and give them a bright future. We’ve recently began construction on our most recent initiative, The Transformational Training Centre (TTC). The TTC is our response to meet the urgent needs of the communities we serve.

This centre will bring intensive agricultural training and non-formal education to those who need it most. Bringing quality education, micro-finance and resources to the region. The TTC will provide families with the knowledge and resources necessary to increase their income, secure their futures and provide many of the necessities that we take for granted.

Each year we host an annual appeal to raise the funds necessary to make our outreach goals and dreams a reality. Without the support of our generous donors, we wouldn’t exist. This year’s appeal is focused on funding the TTC. If you’re interested in donating, contact us or click on the donation links below. No matter the amount of your donation, every bit helps.

Click here to donate if you’re a Canadian citizen.
Click here to donate if you’re an American citizen.


Children are the Future

Children Are the Future

We’ve all heard the saying that “children are the future,” but what if millions of children worldwide never have a chance at a meaningful future? I find it especially hard to pass by when I see a child in need. Walking through villages all across our project communities in Cambodia, we encounter hundreds of kids from impoverished families. Kids that don’t have access to many of the things we take for granted, things such as clean water, nutritious food or education. The Assisting Children to School (ACTS) program not only helps these kids go to school, it also works with their parents, teachers and community leaders. It helps bring training and food security to families who desperately need it. Your support could change a child’s life! Would you consider sponsoring a child and their family today?

Assisting Children to School

Assisting Children to School

It is my belief that Children everywhere deserve the chance to go to school and receive an education. Part of our work in Cambodia is assisting children from vulnerable Cambodian families to receive an education. We provide families and teachers with tools and resources such as school uniforms, study materials, and raise awareness of parenting and child rights. Here’s an infographic about how easy it is to give to this program.

Here are many ways you can help a Cambodian child receive a life-changing education.
Here are many ways you can help a Cambodian child receive a life-changing education.

Click here to read more about our work in Cambodia.

Story of Change

Story of Change

From time to time I stumble upon these “Stories of Change” that leave me feeling humble and inspired. It’s such an amazing experience to be a part of these kids’ lives, and part of the next generation. I hope you enjoy reading this Story of Change that I found on Asian Outreach of Cambodia’s Facebook page.

Stories of Change
Stories of Change

Van Sinath is a boy 13 years old, he has 3 brothers he is a second son. His father name Sok Van 38 years, his mother name Chhorn Sida 36 years old, they are farmers and illiterate. They live in Tameng village, Prek Antash Commune, Porreng District, Prey Veng Province.

In 2012, when ACTS project comes down to this village we met Sinath living in very poor families. He has no house and stayed with his uncle because of his parents migrated to Thailand to be construction workers to earn and save some money to build a small house for the families. Sinath was selected for extra tuition class and getting school uniforms and study materials of Assisting Children to School project.

He is very happy to get this supports. He tries to come to school regularly and study hard, every year he get very good ranking and annual average, he always gets top scores in the class. This year the teachers decided to pass him one grade, he will come to study in grade six in new academic year 2015-2016 starting on 1st November.

This year his parents have come back from Thailand with some money they saved. Now they build a small house to stay with their kids. They said that, “We are very thankful for donors or supporters through AOC that helped our kid that giving school uniforms, study materials, extra tuition class fee and other benefits, without expend on these four year making us ability to save some money to build a small house for families.”

In free time every Thursday, Sinath always comes to join with Happy Children Club in Tameng Church that facilitate and teach by ACTS project’s staffs and site workers or Sunday school teachers from local church. He said that “I like learning bible story, sing songs, and praying also because these can help me to know God as the Lord savior, especially the grace of God”.

Although living in poor situation family, but he dreams to be a doctor in the future because he desires to help and occur the children in his village that often sick.

This case like many other cases, your donation is exactly to save many children in Cambodia that are vulnerable lost opportunity to get quality education and properly getting education services.

In the future many Cambodian children will grow up with hope and quality of life, and strong spirit.

Did this spur inspiration for you? We are always looking for passionate people to help in our missions. Click here to find out how you can help. And, follow us on Facebook for updates!