Big Things being done

A lot of really big things are being done through Western missions to assist people in the lesser developed regions of our world.

We do big things through Asian Outreach. The Training Center currently under construction in Eastern Cambodia is a great example.

But, sometimes it is just the “little things” than matter the most.

Teaching a farmer a simple technique to improve his crops is an important thing.

Helping a child pay for school supplies, uniforms and gratuities to the teacher is an important thing.

Helping HIV victims regain self respect through assistance in developing a simple and sale-able new crop is an important thing.

Most of all, just giving hope to someone who never knew that far away foreigners in a strange land care for them.

And, giving them the knowledge that a loving and gracious God loves them as much as He loves the rest of the world.

In future entries in this column let’s talk about specific “little ways” that we can make big impacts into the lives of those we serve in Asia.