A Step Towards Inclusion – by David Peck

A Step Towards Inclusion – Podcast by David Peck

Check out this great podcast by David Peck. David is an ambassador of change –  he’s very active with Asian Outreach and many other organizations. This podcast, titled A Step Toward Inclusion, is about a friend of David’s from Cambodia and features interesting insights from myself (Noel Hutchinson, AO Canada), Tom from the War Remnant Museum in Siem Reap, Mines Action Canada and Karen Valley from War Amps.

More About David: David Peck is the founder of SoChange, a social enterprise that works with the corporate and NGO community in leadership development, innovation and entrepreneurship. He is a writer, speaker, entertainer, academic and social change consultant.

David has spoken before many companies and NGO’s, and has served as a  as a consultant for leadership, MNCH, education, health and literacy projects in Ontario, El Salvador, Rwanda, Kenya, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand and Mongolia. He was named a Global Hero by Verge magazine in 2009. David hosts a podcast called Face2Face and a blog called Splash and Ripple on Rabble.ca and writes for a variety of other publications.

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