The Gift of Clean Water

The Gift of Clean Water

It became very real for me on one trip a few years ago in Northern Cambodia. Our team was traveling on bikes in two northern provinces where we work when I ran out of water. I wasn’t feeling well, so that made it even worse. It got to a point where I was almost willing to drink water from a source I knew was not clean. I was getting desperate.

This is the situation that so many face every day. No clean water access in their homes or villages, or they have to walk long distances to get water that still isn’t fit to drink.

Often even the water from the wells isn’t clean enought to drink–but it’s a start. That’s why AO’s water and sanitation program combines these key parts:

  • Proper toilets so soil is not contaminated near water sources
  • Community wells, so familes have access to a clean water source
  • Biosand water filters. Even water from the wells is not safe to drink. It is filtered through these amazing and simple filters.


These three steps ensure families are drinking clean water.

I’ve heard it firsthand from villages leaders: They are so grateful for these wells and filters! Their kids aren’t sick. Health has improved and this means they can work their fields and put food on their tables.

My story ended well. We found a small stand selling bottles of water and our trip continued. But, our work here isn’t finished. There are still so many villages and families in Northern Cambodia desperate for clean water. It opens doors, it helps us meet needs and it shows the love of God and the Good News we bring in very tangible ways.

Would you consider giving the gift of clean water to a family in Cambodia?

$210 will provide a family with a toilet and a biosand water.

Thank you for your partnership with us as we see lives changed in Cambodia.

Story of Change: Due Clang

Story of Change: Due Clang

This is Watrip Mom and her daughter, Due Clang. Clang is in Grade 6 and loves studying Khmer literature. She does not like math…I can identify with that. And, she loves to read. Her mom says she is very helpful on the farm and around the house. She would love to be a teacher one day.

Watrip Mom and her daughter, Due Clang
Watrip Mom and her daughter, Due Clang

She has 2 brothers and 3 sisters. Her parents are farmers and really struggle to make ends meet. In the rainy season they also fish to help with food and income.

Thanks to great partners in Canada, AOC makes it possible for Clang to go to school. We also give her extra tuition classes so she can catch up with her age group.  Our staff conduct home visits to make sure she’s supported and the family gets the training they need to have income and food security.

We are very excited to be supporting 165 children in this village alone, thank to great partners. Maybe you would consider sponsoring a child in Cambodia? All it costs is $37 a month. That’s way less than one coffee a day to change a child’s life. Thanks for being on this journey with us and supporting these amazing kids. We’re very grateful!