Forming a New Partnership

Asian Outreach Partners with Acts of Grace Foundation

On Monday, June 20, 2016, Asian Outreach North America announced a new partnership with the Acts of Grace Foundation. The Acts of Grace Foundation is an organization dedicated to assisting registered Canadian charities that work to alleviate the underlying causes of physical, material or spiritual poverty through financial grants. AO is a proud recipient of an Acts of Grace Foundation grant.

To learn more about the Acts of Grace Foundation visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

Interesting in supporting Asian Outreach’s mission? There are many ways to get involved. You can also donate – every little bit helps us reach our goal of transforming lives in the communities we serve. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or visit our website to learn more about Asian Outreach!

The Little Things Matter

The Little Things Matter

Impacting the Lives of Children

It’s over 35 degrees Celsius— for our friends south of the border, that means it’s over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Did I mention the humidity is over 80%? Don’t worry, that hasn’t dampened the spirit of the 12 team members from Toronto who are working with our AO staff in Stung Treng!

Little Things Matter

As I write this, I’m sitting in Northern Cambodia – reflecting on the past week. Let me just say, it’s been quite a week! We’ve pitched in and cut grass, painted, planted, designed a water and septic system, installed bio-sand water filters and taught needy kids in our school program. While it’s been busy, it’s been a privilege to stand alongside our team as they work, week in and week out, blessing almost 30 communities in the region.

Asian Outreach says the little things matter
The little things matter.
ACTS—Assisting Children to School

We worked with two classes of kids in the program. These are children of various ages who have either not had the opportunity to go to school or who have fallen way behind their peers. AOC runs extra classes each afternoon to help bring them up to speed for their ages and re-integrate them into regular classes. The ladies had a great time with the kids. Each one received an instant picture of themselves…

Asian Outreach captures first pictures of Cambodian kids
“The real climax was when they each received a photograph of themselves—they stared at it with wonder and awe,” said Maureen.

Something as simple as a first picture, building bridges and bringing something a bit special into many children’s lives. More than 40 new children received packs filled with all the things they’ll need to go to school. So many of the parents standing behind their kids don’t have the means to supply the required uniforms and supplies necessary for them to go to school.

While school is free, there are many other barriers that can stand in the way. Things like the ability to get to and from school and acquiring the right supplies and uniforms are just a few of the ways AO helps. This is where faith and practical help come together to make it happen.

Asian Outreach shows the loves of Christ
AO has always been about showing the love of Christ in very practical ways.
Celebrating a few of the AO Team’s accomplishments in Northern Cambodia over the last 6 months:
  • 108 farmers trained in intensive farming techniques
  • 30 church leaders trained in three sessions
  • 30 people have become followers of Christ in 3 new house church plants
  • AOC convened one of the largest gatherings of church leaders in Northern Cambodia in December 2015
  • Increasing the capacity of our Cambodian staff with English classes with staff weekly

Your partnership and support makes this all possible. As we join hands, we will continue to see communities across the region receive the help they need to thrive, and a message of hope to heal their hearts. We share a message that restores HOPE and DIGNITY, as we are truly made in His image.

Would you consider a special gift to support this amazing work? A gift or $25, $50 or $100 helps brings clean water, education,  skills training and hope to families at risk. Thank you for your ongoing partnership with us.

Serving the Children of Stung Treng • June 2016

Serving the Children of Stung Treng • June 2016

School Children
Children excited to learn!

Serving Children is one of the best parts of working with an organization like Asian Outreach. Watching the children grow and learn, and knowing that you’re contributing to their future and helping to improve their livelihood is an amazing feeling.

Many of our programs genuinely enhance the lives of these children. From the work we do to educate families on farming techniques to help them attain sustenance, to our efforts to assist the children in receiving a quality education. Our work is centered around improving lives.

You can see the gratitude on the faces in every village we’ve been to on this trip. Would you like to help us in our mission to transform lives in the communities we serve?

Contact us to find out ways to get involved. You can also take a moment to learn more about the great work our teams are doing in Cambodia, and other countries such as Thailand and Mongolia. As always, thank you for your ongoing support and prayers.