2016 Cambodia Report Released

2016 Cambodia Bi-Annual Report Released

The Bi-Annual Report for Cambodia was recently released. The report highlights the efforts of the Asian Outreach organization from January through July 2016. Each section of the report showcases the work that was done on the many projects the Asian Outreach manages.

Water & Sanitation

Back in March, the Stung Treng Water and Sanitation team approached the Village Development Committee (VDC) and key leaders living in Thala Barivat commune to discuss finding sustainable solutions to health issues stemming primarily from non-potable water and unhygienic toileting practises. Since then, 238 families received latrines and filters. Through working with AOC, 80% of the villagers in Thala Barivat now have access to clean water and proper sanitation, and a greater sense of community in working together was an important bi-product.

Cambodia 2016 Report - Water
Community Hope Development

The goal of the CHD project this year is to work towards developing mature, indigenous reproducing churches. We are equipping church leaders to incorporate new believers into the life and ministry of the church and to disciple those under their care. For example, 60 women participated in the thriving Women’s Empowerment Group which meets for bible studies and health education. Five were chosen to attend a seminar in Siem Reap to receive coaching by national women leaders.

Another significant area of ministry for the CHD team is the development of 26 Sunday School teachers to disciple and impact children’s lives. Finally, 40 pastors and leaders received training in church planting. In our methodology, we avoid using the models that foster dependency on outside funding and resources, but instead, encourage Cambodian Christians to look to God to supply for all their needs.

Agriculture & Livelihoods

The two-member strong AOC Agriculture team worked very hard over the past six months on training and empowering four Savings Groups, influencing the lives of 75 people and their

They gained the trust of the people. The outcomes are the capacity of the groups to run independent of any outside help and an increase in the number of people who request to put their money in with the
Saving Groups rather than in the local bank. In addition to AOC’s initial contribution to the capital, the members’ savings totalled $6,216 as of June!

The Transformational Training Centre

It has been a very busy and exciting past six months in Stung Treng with the Training Centre. We are hoping to have the keys and the first phase of the building completed by the end of July. This will allow our staff and overseas teams and volunteers to assist in the internal fit-out.

Assisting Children to School

ACTS is much more than simply sending a child to school. It also operates within an integrative approach to education by empowering not only the students, but all the stakeholders. The staff meets with the principals and teachers regularly to listen and advise on the progress and development of each ACTS student.

The extra tuition classes are incorporated to help the children thrive and succeed. We also meet with secondary school students every three months to offer a platform for them share their joys and challenges. We support them by providing appropriate solutions to problems, guidance and motivation. And finally, the ACTS staff updates the parents on the status of the children’s school work and strive to build relationships of trust and care.

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