Training Centre Construction Continues

Update on the Construction of the Training Centre

As we mentioned in our last post the construction of the Transformational Training Centre (TTC) is underway, and construction is moving along smoothly. I am always excited to update our followers on the progress being made in the communities Asian Outreach serves. Here’s the latest video update – and as always, feel free to check out our other videos!

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Introducing the TTC

Introducing the Transformational Training Centre (TTC)Blog TTC Info

We are continuously working to develop various strategies that will help provide the communities we serve with the knowledge and resources to earn an income, feed their families, and give them a bright future. We’ve recently began construction on our most recent initiative, The Transformational Training Centre (TTC). The TTC is our response to meet the urgent needs of the communities we serve.

This centre will bring intensive agricultural training and non-formal education to those who need it most. Bringing quality education, micro-finance and resources to the region. The TTC will provide families with the knowledge and resources necessary to increase their income, secure their futures and provide many of the necessities that we take for granted.

Each year we host an annual appeal to raise the funds necessary to make our outreach goals and dreams a reality. Without the support of our generous donors, we wouldn’t exist. This year’s appeal is focused on funding the TTC. If you’re interested in donating, contact us or click on the donation links below. No matter the amount of your donation, every bit helps.

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